Went to see a triple bill of Fursaxa, Sharron Kraus and Meg Baird at The Cube in Bristol last Sunday night.

Sharron Kraus was up first and delivered a set of dark folk songs, the very English sound of her voice taking on the forms of murder in woodland glades, creating images of mushroom covered forest floors and mossy stones and of lonely rooms with dust meandering through beams of light, falling out of love... I knew of Sharron through various Terrastock type reasons, it was nice to see her play in Bristol.

Fursaxa suprised us by being up next, it was her we'd mainly gone to see, having fallen very much in love with her music after seeing her play at Terrastock 6 and then again that year (2006!) at the Thurston Moore curated ATP event in Minehead.

Started by looping melodica and then for the next 30 minutes she wove a tunnel of bells, voice, keyboard, loops and drones into light... (the kind of light that shines through wet cobwebs...) 
Hers is the music of dreams... she makes me feel like I'm floating through a different reality where thoughts form slower but more meaningful somehow... prisms, effortlessly falling.
Warm, warm surroundings of sound that becomes space that becomes a special place that she can take us to. 

Finally, Meg Baird came on. I've been hearing her name a lot recently and she came out and like Kraus, delivered some beautiful fingerstyle guitar playing but in a different way...
Meg reminded me a little of Linda Perhacs... light and sunny (not happy sunny just warm) vocally and lyrically a bit softer, watching both of them play guitar made me want to brush up on my own finger skills!