In Gnod We Trust starts with a crash of strings…

A vivid picture, 70’s cinema shows someone meet their end in the stairwell of some Manhattan apartment building, crushed to death by a piano sent hurtling at them by the forces of some demonic entity…

Gnod Have Arrived.

Side A is a version of Tony’s…
That famed slice of total bliss, that song that when you hear those first notes blast out at a show the hands are first thrust into the air then clutching at your ankles for the next twenty minutes… yeah Tony’s First Communion is a different version of THAT song and when I first heard it I was a little surprised, it wasn’t the Tony’s I was so familiar with from many nights of movement… but it’s fuckin’ dead on.

This is their marching music… marching out of Manchester, invading and pillaging as they go, bringing the sound of TRUTH to all those who will listen -  preaching by permeating your very core; pied pipers, they lead us off one by one, joining their cause, this right-on army.

Zoom out and out and out from the grey, atop the mish-mash of architecture, red brick mixed with cement and a hint of silver lamé, out and out and out into space…


The intergalactic heartbeat, the life-source of all beings, heart to heart and mind to mind, third eye to third eye…

This creature has many arms, creating incessant, like some scene from a factory, production line… this is god but not the god we remember.
This sinister creature makes us in his own filthy image.

Conveyer belt.

The party grows subtly until it’s out of control.
In a trancelike state, you know only one thing and that is:

If the beat stops - you will die.

If you stop moving to the beat - you will die.

That much is certain.
Yes, as long as they keep playing this BEAT for all time, everything will be ok.


This is the sound of going out of your mind.
This is the sound of seeing the light.
Of finding Gnod.

Side B.---- VATICAN.

Sexual stop-start
dingy heavy-chested organ all warped, grind out commandments over the sex repetition,
Sleazy industry.

Ceremonial bells of the sacrifice, sacrificing the establishment and making a mockery of the false powers that be…

Nature taking back the planet, reclaiming what is ours; tendrils of the underlying magick curling out and down and sneaking it’s arms around you, reclaiming and inclusive to pure and secret elements.


Replacing evils with freedom

Crushing down, blasting down, justice served.

The sound of taking over and destruction for the greater good, freeing the unstoppable truth.

This a great record, heavy psych and repetition, hooks of noise moving in and out of the foreground, completely hypnotic spirituals.

And Rocket never fail in the packaging department, I love the artwork for this (lines, lines get me every time) and the nice slice of white vinyl brings it all together sweetly...