A great night at The Cube in Bristol last Friday (3rd June)...

Matt Loveridge was up first.
It was the first "Matt Loveridge" set I've seen Matt Williams (Team Brick / Beak / Fairhorns / Gnar Hest / Klad Hest / whatever) do and he played a set in three sections; starting out like many a Team Brick set of yore - noise wall which seems to rotate upon itself until it creates drones that flit in and out like ghosts, two vocal mics, one to feed the FX and the other singing monk-style atop the cacophony.

Some direction was added when Matt picked up the guitar and was joined onstage by Thought Forms very own drummer Guy Metcalfe - it really picked up then.

It's a real pleasure to be able to watch Guy drum from an audience perspective for once, something that doesn't happen too often but I always enjoyed watching the incredible octopus boy move over the kit.

He added some scattered hard hitting shimmers and punches over toms and cymbals alike, clearly physical... meanwhile chorded progression deep guitar making a couple of wonderful moments of communication and connection clarity.

It winds down and Guy retreats... Matt ended the set with some really  beautiful chiming bells ringing out across the silence of the packed out Cube Cinema; I liked how his set started out really noisily and gradually came down to the decay of a single bell. Kinda set the tone for the whole night.

Thought Forms were up next and we played a slightly shorter set than normal, had a really great time - we love playing at the Cube especially noting the juxtaposition between that and our gig the night before, (it's good to have some variety) and enjoying the chance to extend the dronage.

It was my first time seeing Six Organs Of Admittance play - Ben Chasny was solitary onstage, binding spells as his fingers flew across the strings of his acoustic guitar seemingly effortlessly, so warm and gorgeous... letting some vocals in now and again.

It was great to see him play finally after years and years of hearing about how awesome he is.

Dedicating his last song to our friend Phil Mcmullen (founder of the legendary Terrascope) and hearts were warm.