There was a free show last night in Bath...

The Hysterical Injury are Annie Gardiner and Lee Stone. 
They've been playing together as a duo for some time now, bass guitar / drums / vocals.
(Really enjoyed the sweeping delays on Annie's voice, manually twizzled in during the set!) 
Anyway, they were up first - as always hyper energetic and blasting out sledgehammer melodies on the bass guitar with relentless clatter, battle calls... really looking forward to hearing their forthcoming album, they also had some lovely looking screenprinted and handstitched EP's on the merch table which I need to get my hands on.

Anta are four, formed out of the ashes of Geisha, Don Bear, Rose Kemp's band and the solo projects of Giant Clown and Alexander Thomas - their first album is out on Fat Paul of Invada Records' offshoot label Diogenes Recordings, which specialises in "lavish limited editions"... 

They played probably the best set I've seen them do yet, fresh from their UK tour and bathed in green light they really came together as a four-headed prog-monster, massive gong n all.
Riffs and space and shimmering synths knitting everything together.

We (Thought Forms) had a great time playing too and even got to try out a little "unplugged improv" during a mid-set power cut, which was a lot of fun. 

And we were graced with the presence of the now Berlin-dwelling Antoni Maiovvi who was playing some awesome tunes in between...

It was a really nice surprise to have such a good turnout at a show like that on a Monday night in Bath... awesome start to the week!