Went to an absolutely amazing exhibition at The Crypt Gallery (St Pancras Church) in London over the weekend.

"Just Under The Surface", presented by Art In Touch, is an installation in the crypt which combines sound, light, projections and sculpture...

Projection flickering over the floor like night-waves.

A portal at the end of the corridor (reminded me of the James Turrell exhibition I saw last year).

Balancing plants like shrunken heads...

The sculptures like bones of extinct creatures were for touching, the whole thing was intended to be a tactile experience...

It's an absolutely amazing space, a labyrinth of rooms under the ground with the smell of dark wet Earth... feeling unsettled sat on a Church pew watching the main projection with stereo sound flickering along with the wind on the brickwork... the dead in the walls and ectoplasmic sheets, drifting wraiths captured in a moment, captured in MOTION on the floor or pouring from a wall - really quite scary.

In the time down there, sucked across to that middle ground between two worlds, tempted to speak with them.

The exhibition finishes on May 19th - if you can get down there before then, it's well worth it.

(Thanks to Chris Rocket for the photos)

The artists involved were Rosalyn Driscoll, Bonnie Kemske, Tereza Stehlikova and Anais Tondeur, Claire Petitmengin, Dan Tobin Smith, Kay Syrad and Robin Rimbaud.