10/01/10 >>>

The first Thought Forms show of 2010 is on 15th January, a long overdue return to Moles in Bath. Support comes from a band called Anta... Anta are Pete Dickens of the two very amazing bands Geisha and Don Bear, synth-o-phile Alexander Thomas and favourite Sonic Sanctuary soundguys James King and Joe Garcia, both of whom also play in Rose Kemp's band among other things... really intrigued as to what they're going to pull. 
The first Sonic Sanctuary gig of the year is also confirmed... Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Team Brick, Don Bear and Xulsigiae are the SS picks and from Lop Lop (aka Fat Paul) the jazz improv group Triptik. This takes place at the Croft in Bristol on Thursday 4th February.

Mountains of Jesus (aka Team Brick + Silver Stairs Of Ketchikan) are playing a QuJunktions show at the Cube in Bristol on 14th February with MV/EE and more...

Lastly, the latest album from Geisha has been pretty much on repeat... "Maundit A Minuit" is on vinyl only, highly recommended... They themselves say it's the best thing they've ever done. And they've always been bloody good! http://www.myspace.com/geishanoiseresearchgroup