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TOP 10 GIGS OF 2009

Emeralds @ The Croft, Bristol 29/01
My first experience of their warm tones, sucked me in and for keeps, I fell in love.

Flower Corsano Duo & Defibrillators @ Arnolfini, Bristol 19/02

Always excited about anything involving Mr Anton Maiof, if you get a chance to watch Defibrillators, take it! Flower Corsano Duo were beautiful and relentless.

Sonic Sanctuary All Dayer @ The Village Pump, Trowbridge 14/03

Amazing sets from Deej Dhariwal, Don Bear, Ice Bird Spiral, Headfall, Team Brick, Geisha, Teeth Of The Sea, Zun Zun Egui and Gnod in the venue I love the most.

No Fun Fest, NYC 15 16 17/05

Absolutely everything about this was perfect.
Sonic Youth playing an improv set with Bill Nace (see below) filling in for Lee.
Pedestrian Deposit. Bardo Pond. Noveller. Yellow Tears. Skullflower. EVERYTHING on that damn lineup was AWESOME.

Bill Nace @ The Stone, NYC 22/05

Bill Nace is quite simply my favourite. I don't know how to explain it but there's just something about the way he plays that captures my soul, I find it impossible to look away for a second when he has a guitar in his hand, mind goes blank just full of the sounds. Joined by the wonderful Greg Kelley on trumpet and Jake Meginsky on percussion... it was just incredible. There was a point where I thought it was going to end and couldn't breathe, I thought my world might stop with them. (They carried on for a bit though. It was all cool, my world remained intact though very, very shaken. In a good way.)

Master Musicians Of Bukkake & Team Brick @ The Croft, Bristol 23/07

As well as one of my favourite Team Brick sets of `09, I had never heard MMOB prior to this show and left the room that night completely under their spell along with the rest of the audience. Hooked into their foggy universe, I'd have to say it was my gig of the year for being so pleasantly enchanted by something new.

Oneida @ The Croft, Bristol 19/08
Oneida are always on top form, how does Kid do it?!

Electric Wizard @ Trinity, Bristol 12/09
Electric Wizard. In a church.

Gnod @ The Louisiana, Bristol 21/11

Gnod have been a big deal for me this year. This show in particular (part of the Unholy Trinity tour) swirling together in one mass of dual-bass one-note wonderment, they're the best band in England if not the solar system.

ATP (both weekends) 5 6 7 12 13 /12
Lightning Bolt. Sonic Youth. Sunn O))). Papa M. Om. Porn. Sun Ra Arkestra. Dirty Three. So much more. Good way to end the year...

So that's 10, but there have been plenty more...

Faith No More at Brixton, Patton & Fred Frith at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Sun Araw at the Luminaire, Sonic Youth at The Forum, Hair Police at The Croft... too many to mention!
I won't attempt a top records.

Newswise, Thought Forms have just finished touring with Beak>.
Beak> are really, really fucking good.