Drunken Werewolf Magazine have posted a rather glowing review of "Big Guys" by The Brackish! 

Stating that Big Guys "is nothing short of the Sistine Chapel of musical works", they go on to say :

"It would be almost impossible to describe each moment of joy that this album holds, but there are a few key moments that exemplify exactly why this is a band that absolutely everybody should be paying attention to. 

The second song “Plane and Seal” is a fast paced beat down through each instrument on offer, and sounds as though it could have been thrashed out of Primus with a tender stick. It leaps around different rhythms and poly-rhythms with the kind of grace that would make ninjas cry. 

On the other side of the coin the very next song “Lightwood Reservoir” starts off sounding like a perfectly inconspicuous blues jam before sneaking its way into an epic post-rock style crescendo of pure ecstatic aural joy and wonder. 

Without a moments notice, “Chess Song” begins to pulverise the speakers with heavy distortion and an ominously doom-laden beat that could very well herald the coming of the four horsemen."

Read the full review here!