"The Cessation Elegy" by Bill Horist and Jakob Riis is out today! 

You can listen to the full album and get your hands on a copy of the limited edition black and gold screen-printed CD here : 

"These two artists are still definitely amidst the collaborative honeymoon phase, and The Cessation Elegy seems to document their journey as they enthusiastically bound, hand in hand, between their numerous points of creative intersection. Each idea is gutted rather than skimmed, rendering the mental visuals vivid enough to taste; echoes of concrete spaces are curdled into lava lamp gunk, feedback leaks in like light between ragged blinds, and power chords crumble with a Sunn O)))-esque doom malfunction. Most enjoyable." 

"Horist's beautiful traditional acoustic shapes and more challenging electric experimentalism battling for dominance against Riis's sonic virus of scorched-earth dark ambience and robotised dread. It's a challenging and varied listen which certainly does hint at a soundtrack-esque narrative, it's bringing all sorts of crazy images into my mind. Don't listen to it last thing before you go to bed or you'll almost certainly have nightmares." 

"This is an extraordinary piece of work, a wordless communion in caustic colours and sterling guitar playing. Both participants are highly accomplished in their own right: together they form a formidable duo, where divisions between each become deliciously blurred and unfold beyond the sum of their parts. A synergy of open thresholds that make for plenty of replays. A brief encounter that certainly holds plenty of magic."