Bandcamp Hunter have included "All Mind In The Cat House" by Repo Man on their list of the 5 best post punk / psychedelic / shoe gaze releases of 2013! 

Here's what they said about it : 

"Tough as boots, All Mind In The Cat House positively bristles with uncompromising energy and intelligent, scathing lyrics. Released on UK label Lava Thief, the album has the desolate atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic world, recalling the visuals of Tarkovsky’s Stalker. Holds a mirror up to modern life however, especially in the domestic discomfort of Oh Cecil and bustling social narrative of Endangered Agenda. Throwing Kinskis perhaps the finest moment, a song of potent power that best showcases the influence of The Fall and Wire. Sax wigout towards song’s end is an utter headfuck. Kicks hard this album. Feels like a thrashing, a real good thrashing."

There are 13 copies of the album still available here :