Kull are two people making music in London, or at least they're masquerading in human form for the time being, I'm not totally sure when these spirits are from...  

have mercy, have mercy

They captured me in Brighton last November with their immersive live performance, just bass and guitar and that incredible voice (with occasional beautiful backing vocals accentuating and lifting)... 

Their music is so warm, claustrophobic at the same time... it reminds me of the feeling I had when I was about 15 and I spent an Autumn night alone in my parent's house listening to Cranes tapes that a teacher-friend had copied for me by candle-light. Comforting, the warmth, but slightly unnerving at the same time... Unsettling, direct and pure.

It's devotional and almost holy in its offerings of honesty and unconditional promises... the spectral voice, lyrics flowing streamlike, seeming gentle but secretly strong and wearing away at all that stands in its path.  Repetition evoking that feeling of total helpless obsession as the mind runs in circles, closing in on itself. 

only you know the way

This 5 track EP is limited to 70 copies and is out as a co-release with Reverb Worship, handmade by Kull.