Woolf Music is a festival that I am organising along with Phil McMullen of Terrascope...
It is happening on August 17th and 18th at a place called Cleeve House, a beautiful Gothic mansion in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside.
Thought Forms will be performing an improv set and Charlie and Deej will both be playing solo, too.
Weekend tickets are only £20 (or £40 if you wish to camp) and already the lineup is pretty darn tasty but there is still lots more to be announced...
For more information on the artists and to buy tickets ::: http://woolfmusic.blogspot.co.uk/

Eric Arn, Vanessa Arn, Bare Bones, Black Tempest, Joshua Burkett, Sophie Cooper, Deej Dhariwal, H, Bridget Hayden, Joined By Wire, Sharron Kraus, Kull, Jeanette Leech, Louise's Guidelines, Lawrence Hammond and David Robinson of Mad River, Ellen Mary Mcgee, Plinth, 
Silver Stairs Of Ketchikan, Stereocillia, Alisha Sufit, The Left Outsides, Thought Forms, Twin, UIUTNA, United Bible Studies, Woodpecker Wooliams