Do yourself a favour and listen to this band. 

They're a duo based in London...
Guitar + bass with beautiful (really beautiful, sometimes almost operatic) haunting vocals (sometimes in a dreamlike heartwrenching misty sense but then also sometimes in the true, night-terror waking up covered in sweat kinda way... avalanche...) 

Their cassette, which was recorded reel-to-reel over a second hand jazz tape (and allows snippets of the original recording to break through, drifting in and out... "like a faded photograph bringing its own disjointed memories"...it's true... you know that feeling you get when you're trawling through acres of stuff in an old junk shop? Stuff that belongs to people long dead and the vibrations you pick up from those things... 
I collect old photographs and they're right in their description, listening to this tape gives me the same feeling that I get when I look at those pictures. Nostalgia for another life...) is truly phenomenal, I sit and listen to it over and over on a loop... 

You can buy it here and 4 of those songs are also available on the CD that comes with the gorgeous booklet they made, available here.

I can't recommend this band highly enough.
Very much looking forward to seeing them play at Power Lunches in London on the 28th March.