New Years Eve was spent at The Cube in Bristol, playing with Microdeform and SJ Esau.

First time seeing 2-man Esau and it was frankly ridiculous. Sean (who drums in Vena Cava now and also of the Landslide Purist) is an amazing drummer and they became an interlocked machine of next-level awesomeness right there. It seemed noisier (sounds like an obvious thing to say but I don't mean just because there are drums now) and more raw and relaxed. They also started the set with a brand new song and as ever, ace visuals.
Can't wait to see them play again.

Microdeform makes beautiful swells of sound that wash and weave and he actually does it / manipulations with his hands which makes him 10,000000 times more interesting to see live than most people who play this kind of thing from behind a laptop (nothing against that way of making music, just don't find it that engaging to watch at a gig) oh and he also plays in the excellent Repo Man, who I'm looking forward to hearing more from soon!

So, here is a free download of us Thought Forms doing a cover of Death Valley '69.