A belated post, but on the 9th August I went to see Vena Cava play at The Croft in Bristol (at the gig mentioned in the post below - unfortunately Deej had to pull out of the show).

It was the first Vena Cava gig with their new drummer, Sean Talbot, and I can honestly say it was the best time I've ever seen them play - the familiar songs that I love but with a new air of... not quite solidness, that's not the right word, but sort of... mists that have gained a greater level of viscosity. (If the term viscous could apply to a gas.)

Their songs are lengthy trips that snake about in your subconscious, Mardt slipping in some killer fuzzed out growly bass riffs (and he's really good) while Christelle's guitar radiates from shimmers to screams, subtle delicate vocals  (quite Cranes like in places) that (when I can make out the lyrics because I'm usually distracted by ROCKING OUT) are very... real.
(I hope there'll be a lyric book when the album comes out?)

Mardt and Christelle are two of the most wonderful people I know; I love them very much. 
I think I blathered something similar to them on the night but... while I was watching them play I was thinking how good friends share good times together but when you also share some of the worst times of your life with people then that really takes things to another level.

Anyway, they are amazing people who make music that I really love and if you don't know them already, you should check out their album when it is released if you're in any way into psych / drone / space desert type stuff.