I was thinking about The Spacious Mind, a really great band from Sweden who I had the displeasure of missing at Terrastock 6 thanks to the antics of some friends who were along for the trip but not so much the music... anyway, I decided to look them up online and see if there were any live sets knocking about that I could hear. I found this instead - 

"Title Unknown" by Råd Kjetil Senza Testa. 

I've no idea who they are or what connection they have to TSM... 
Some really clean drones that sound like drinking fresh, fresh air in a woodland somewhere far north, being able to breathe...

All I could find out about them was that it appears to be a combination of two groups, Råd Kjetil & the Loving Eye of God and Orchestra Senza Testa.

Does anyone know any more?
Enlighten me!