On Halloween I was walking past Cake Shop in NYC and a poster in the window caught my eye, LANDING playing tonight...

I was lucky enough to see Landing twice back in 2006 thanks to Terrastock 6 and the surrounding shows, so to stumble on an apparently rare gig (their website actually seems to suggest that it was their first show together after a few years off from the band) was ridiculously lucky.

They played as a three piece, Adrienne's beautifully subtle vocals settling on top of her synth lines and Aaron's fine web of guitar loops, as all is pinned down by a bassist with his back turned (I like his style) like butterflies to a wall... I sat there thinking that the sound they created was a sonic blizzard... a warm snowy storm of drones and fullness, comforting and familiar.

It was so good to see them play again.

You can listen to and buy a whole bunch of their stuff on bandcamp... here is their latest album, the first track of which is my favourite song by them right now and I'm pretty sure they played it the other night though I can't be sure, I was lost in the storm.