There's this guy who lives in Brooklyn, his name is Jared Barron. He happens to be one of my top three drummers in the world. Ever.

When I met him he was playing drums for Primordial Undermind but he's played in a bunch of other bands too - Viva Nada, Purse Snatchers, he even played drums for Thought Forms during an East Coast jaunt, not to mention being a part of that amazing 77 Boadrum.

He also happens to be a pretty damn awesome musician off the drums... he can rock out on the guitar pretty good. 

So, he's been threatening to embark on some solo-guitar action for a while now and today I got a really exciting email to say that it's finally happening!

He's playing at 3rd Ward's annual birthday BBQ - 3rd Ward is an organisation / space in Brooklyn which gives creative people an opportunity to  - well, to be creative. 

They provide facilities and resources (such as studios for photography, jewellery making, wood and metal shops) as well as classes and a supportive artistic community - a great place, basically.

Jared is going to be sound-tracking some visuals which are taking place.

If you're in New York, go and check it out. 
I wish that I could.


3rd Ward's Annual Birthday BBQ!
May 21, 2 pm
195 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY

"3rd Ward is celebrating its 5th birthday party and we want to celebrate with you! Swing by for live music, delicious BBQ, cheap summer drinks, free educational workshops, and some rad bike-themed entertainment. 

In 2006, 3rd Ward opened with a new idea: a one-stop “innovation incubator” for you to make something, learn something, and be something. Five years later, we’re going strong and have you to thank. This also marks the 4th anniversary of our now-famous Free Bike program. All 12-month 3rd Ward Memberships come with a free custom-designed bike. Even after all these years, people still don’t believe it. It’s true!"