The first Matt Loveridge (Matt Williams aka Team Brick / Fairhorns / Gnar Hest etc etc ) EP is part of his "Indexes" series. The first Indexes, in fact.

Entitled "Radical Laser Spectre", it comes with really lovely artwork, as I've come to expect from him of late. 

It starts inaudible
a rattle then a hum 

another deep-space-church but this one lies here on Earth, 
in a dry place 

(I have to turn to make sure there is nothing behind me when it kicks in loud)

this sound is dark, for the first time he has produced something truly cold and dark 

like a heavy black stone falling 
slowly through the depths of the ocean, to which there is no bottom...

but the evil tinges leave and what creeps in are the familiar warm sadnesses that I am used to from him.

scraping, scrattling noise punctuated
by a bass sound, melancholy, perfect fucking melancholy bass-grammar

making sense like the rational thoughts, the resolution when your mind is on fire and your chest is too tight to breathe and you don't want to wake up tomorrow

this is the sound of the internal.

at times, certain shifts within this piece of music are intensely, intensely beautiful and moving. 
at the times in between those times, it leaves the heart in the mouth. 

as light helps to dissolve the tangled overwhelmingness, left still with the confusion circling round and round, acceptance... (what's done is done and we sprawl outwards into the air around our bodies, further out into the sky... past the tree-tops and hang there above the clouds...) euphoria hits when the realisation kicks in of how pure that pain was.

I think he invokes it but I'm not sure he understands it. 
The music is above and seperate to life and it's nothing if not powerful. 

Meanders chaotically for a while and then some Boredoms-esque rhythms kick out from behind the fizz and shrieks, until everything aligns in perfect order before alighting elegantly and signing off, positive and completely light.

A total ascent over 23 minutes.

If only he could spend more time on these projects rather than soaked up in other things - not executing them, for that comes naturally, but letting them out to breathe and performing them. 

According to his blog, he hasn't "worked out Paypal" yet but you can pick up a copy of Radical Laser Spectre at his / Beak>  shows.

The first Matt Loveridge show will take place at CAMP in London on April 19th with Liturgy.