More exciting news about Supernormal Festival - SKULLFLOWER and PRIMORDIAL UNDERMIND have now been added to the lineup!

Having seen Skullflower play a mind boggling set at No Fun Fest in 2009 and hearing their set at Supersonic Festival later the same year( but being unable to get into the room where they were playing it was that rammed) I have to say I am extremely excited about the prospect of seeing them play at such a wonderful location as Supernormal!

Primordial Undermind - I've seen them unleash their freaked out psych explosions many times (not to mention the absolutely stunning solo set that Eric Arn did at Sonic Sanctuary back in 2007) and am really excited that they'll be back in England again after three very long years of waiting.

More info is available over on the Rocket Recordings blog, as they are this year's curators!