Caught sets by Hesomagari and Geisha on Saturday night at The Croft in Bristol... 

Hesomagari is Sam "SJ Esau" Wisternoff and Yoshino "Zun Zun Egui" Shigihara. Their talents combined produce results which are exactly as you'd expect - interesting, fun, clever and really catchy. 

Watching them interact with each other onstage is also a real treat and as always whenever these guys are involved, absolutely stunning visuals to go with. 

Only their - fourth gig I believe? I hope they do many more and would love to hear a record from them too. 

Geisha;  since they've become somewhat scattered geographically, they've thankfully carried on writing music together along a slightly different route... 

They played the show as a duo, filthy electronic noise.
they were brutal
they were HOT
they were fucking awesome. 

Long live Geisha, miles CANNOT get in the way!