"Golden Contact" by Joey Chainsaw... a limited edition CD-R (30 copies) in nice silver-on-black packaging.

It sounds heavy... like, physically heavy. If you could transport yourself into the world that he creates over these five tracks, the air would be thick and warm, you'd have to wade through it. 
Your parents took you through a car-wash when you were a kid... it sounds the way that water looks pummeling the window, a sheet of distorted vision in frosted waterfalls and while it lasts, you feel like you're in another dimension; the outside world feels terrifying and unknown. 

Repetition sinks in all ritualistic, the pounding sound of the sacrificial ceremony... then the wind whipping the tops of empty milk bottles, desolation. A radio still blaring out from the frozen wreckage. He creates an incredibly visual experience with this one, vivid colours and landscapes. 

He's going to have something out on Lava Thief soon... watch this space.