I went to see MV/EE play twice last month.

The first show was at a really nice little venue in Cardiff Bay, a Norwegian Church... wooden floors, wooden walls, lots of wood.
John Moloney wasn't able to make the tour so it was MV, EE and Mick Flower, a drone trio...
they ended the set with a perfectly chosen "Get Right Church"...

(it was a Swn gig and the Cardiff band King Alexander were supporting - we enjoyed what they were doing but would prefer to see them in a darker, less "sit down" venue)

Then the following week, after their set at Shambala Festival they played at Cafe Oto in London, spoiling us with two sets this time... the first another trio-drone out but more smooth this time a little further into the tour, then a second "rock out" set with a drummer, which was awesome.

I just love watching them, they radiate warmth.

Also picked up this tape while they were over, one of only 6 (!) copies, from Blackest Rainbow... live jams.
Perfect listening, as always, and absolutely love the artwork!